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Rockabilly Jam Tracks Vol. 3

Rockabilly Jam Tracks Vol. 3

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In this package you'll find jam tracks for the solos of 10 songs, each in four different tempos. All the tracks were recorded by me as close as possible to the original, so it's really fun to practice the solos.

The following songs are included in this package: 

1. That's Alright - Elvis

2. Oh Boy – Buddy Holly

3. Crying Waiting Hoping – Buddy Holly

4. Folsom Prison Blues – Johnny Cash

5. I Forgot To Remember To Forget - Elvis

6. I Gotta Know – Wanda Jackson

7. Hepcat – Larry Terry

8. Jitterbop Baby – Hal Harris

9. Living Doll – Cliff Richard

10. Love Me – The Phantom

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