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LP - Emerald Records Hit Parade Of Stars

LP - Emerald Records Hit Parade Of Stars

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All Emerald Records artists on one album

On this LP you will find 12 brand new songs penned by Axel, Dylan, Randy and Humpty. These four were joined by Jason Starday in September 2022. Together they recorded a colorful mixture of Rockabilly, Rock 'n' Roll and DooWop songs in two days. Also a ballad may not be missing of course. All songs were recorded by Ike in the typical Lightning sound.

So that you can listen to the music even where there is no record player available, all songs are also included digitally as MP3 downloads.

If you buy this LP you will receive a mail with the download link for the MP3s within half an hour.

1 - Bombshell Blonde Play Button 2 - Find Me A Baby Tonight 3 - I'm Gonna Get You 4 - Go Man Go 5 - Stop Knockin' 6 - So Long We're Through 7 - Even If You Tried 8 - It Don't Matter No More 9 - Whenever You're With Me 10 - Please Come To Me 11 - One LAst Kiss 12 - Blues At Night

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